A Beautiful Birth–Utah Birth Photographer

Posted on December 20, 2010

I had a chance to photograph a homebirth recently. It was a lovely experience. Things got a little crazy at the end and the mom ended up needing to be transferred to the hospital, but with all of the preparation, love, support and determination, the birth was beautiful, even in a trying situation.

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Silent Night–Utah Newborn Photographer

Posted on December 20, 2010

Photographing newborns is always a beautiful experience. It’s not usually an easy one, and I come away from newborn sessions more worn out and sweaty than any other session, but for all of the work that goes into capturing a child’s first few days, it is a rejuvenating experience. There is a real beauty in being able to experience the nuances of each little human. Even at that age, each has a personality, that is for sure! It’s it a privilege to be a part of creating memories. Newborns change so much in those first few days and it feels like a gift to give parents the ability to freeze those fleeting newborn moments.

Baby S was SUCH a fun, easy baby. He slept so well and was ok with being posed, so we ended up with so many great shots. It made me all the more excited for my upcoming little one. (10 more weeks until his due date!) He was snuggly and smiley! I don’t think I’ve ever captured this many newborn smiles before.











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Anticipation–Utah Maternity Photographer

Posted on November 2, 2010

I love photographing maternities. It is such a crazy, exciting, scary, amazing, hectic, peaceful, insane, natural time of life. All at once. Especially towards the end. When they say pregnant women glow, it honestly seems true. There is a palpable happiness and excitement. But gosh, when I got to meet Krista, I could not believe how happy and radiant she was. She was SO sweet and happy and alive. It was really a privilege to be able to photograph her and just spend time with her. Her joy was contagious.

And, yeah, I also love having these amazing images for my website. Hey, just keepin’ it real. 😉


IMG_5325edit - Copy

IMG_5237edit2 - Copy

IMG_4910edit - Copy

IMG_5388edit - Copy

IMG_5281edit - Copy

IMG_5160edit - Copy

IMG_5342edit - Copy

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OK, so a quick note on why there are one million watermarks on my site. This is my personal site for showing off work I do. So when I do work for friends or on my own, I mark it with my Rachel Rehart Photography mark. But when Crystal and I shoot together we use our R+C Photography mark. But man, we found out that the + sign is not Google-friendly. So we are moving our name to Pure Photography. Hence Pure Baby, Pure Weddings and our Pure Photoshop Actions. So, yeah…lots of marks, just one little ol’ me. 🙂

Here are a couple of ADORABLE baby boys I got to photograph. We also found out that our soon-to-be 6th baby is a (drumroll) BOY! It was a lot of fun getting to play with these little guys and imagine how I plan to photograph my son.

One of the babies was six weeks old. We usually shoot newborns between the ages of 1 and 2 weeks, since that is when it is easiest and most certain that we will be able to capture the most images. So I was a LITTLE nervous about 6 weeks. Turns out, he did pretty well. He did have his own opinions on the props though. 😉







Here’s the difference between a 2 week old and a 6 week old. The 6 weeker says, “Hey, excuse me? I am in a basket over here. Little help…” 🙂







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Beautiful Brides

Posted on October 26, 2010

We’ve had so many different shoots this summer. It was a photographer’s dream. We got to dabble in everything.

Sometimes people voice the opinion that a photographer needs to specialize to show how serious they are. If they do some of everything, then people won’t trust them or feel like they are getting “the best.” Crystal and I have tossed this around, trying to decide what we could specialize in and what we could give up and feel happy. We could never settle on things we were ok with giving up. But then it hit us. We specialize in light. We love being able to go between the specialized gentle indoor lighting a sleeping newborn needs, to using the gorgeous natural light on a wedding day, to dramatically lighting a bride with off-camera flash outdoors. We love it all. So maybe that’s our answer. Maybe that’s our specialty.

With that said, I am going to try and catch up for a summer’s worth of not blogging. It was literally so busy that blogging had to take a backseat to getting everything done. We did a ton of fun shoots, we created our own set of Photoshop actions to help other photographers (I’ll post more about that in a bit), we did webinars with out-of-state photographers who wanted to learn our style. Like I said, it’s been a crazy, wild, awesome ride.

But here are a few of our beautiful, wonderful brides. (Shot under R+C, my venture with Crystal, my business partner.)




IMG_0763edit1 - Copy

IMG_0749edit1 - Copy






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Posted on August 27, 2010

The newborn phase of life is so incredibly precious. I can remember the feelings of bringing each of my five children home from the hospital almost like it was yesterday. Certain sights and times of year remind me of when I was newly meeting and newly falling in love with my precious children. But it is hard to settle on how each of the babies looked, because it changed so fast and that tiny newborn look was so fleeting. I think that’s why I just adore being able to capture newborn images. Freezing that fleeting, beautiful, precious time feels so important. Being able to go back and smile over the t00-big skin and the scrawny little legs, and the soft peach-fuzz hair–especially when the new mom is not sleep-deprived and preoccupied with all of the new mom worries–it feels like an amazing gift to give and to have.









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It just ain’t right

Posted on June 7, 2010

It really should be illegal for a pregnant mama to be this gorgeous. Leah was totally rockin’ her adorable baby bump and we were having a ball.

We went to this specific field and we knew we wanted to do images there, but we didn’t count on the Boy Scouts! We got to our field, and there were tents, trucks, grills and lots and lots of Boy Scouts. So we couldn’t go to the spots we had first intended, and maybe that was for the best. We had to really look around the outskirts of the field and find those hidden pockets of prettiness. And we did!
Still, it was so hard to be serious when every so often a random boy scout would pop up and stare. So we had a lot of laughing and joking. It’s a good thing we shoot modest maternities. 😉
Utah Maternity Photographer 1
Utah Maternity Photographer 19
Utah Maternity Photographer 18
Utah Maternity Photographer 2
Utah Maternity Photographer 8
Utah Maternity Photographer 12
Utah Maternity Photographer 14
Utah Maternity Photographer 7
Utah Maternity Photographer 13
Utah Maternity Photographer 16
Utah Maternity Photographer 4

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Posted on May 20, 2010

So R+C Photography has it’s own little model.

Crystal had her baby!

First, I have a slideshow of the birth to share. It makes me tear up a little every time I watch it. The miracle of going from a family of 5 to a family of 6, all of the sudden…it’s just a little breathtaking. I was so honored to be able to be there for those special first moments. Crystal and Todd were their usual hilarious, adorable selves. Those two are so in love, it is refreshing. Leah (one of our friends who we met when she hired us to do her wedding!) and I were just giddy. I just cannot express what a surreal experience it all was, waiting to greet this tiny, fresh human being.

Of course, what kind of photographers would we be if we didn’t take every chance to document this adorable baby? Tenley is going to have the thickest baby book in town.

It’s also been a really good experience for us as photographers. We’ve been able to practice and refine and discuss and grow, in a very relaxed, comfortable environment. That is just one of the huge positives of shooting together. We can discuss each shoot and learn and grow from it. It is what keeps us on a constant upward path.

Here’s a sampling of Tenley Mae. Welcome to the world, baby.













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Some completely beautiful families

Posted on May 17, 2010

It’s been a busy couple of week.

1) Crystal had her baby. She’s absolutely gorgeous and expect some images of her and of the birth in the days to come.

2) We’ve obviously been shooting oodles of newborn photos. It’s like our own little personal workshop for ourselves. Love it.

3) Since Crystal has been recovering and settling into life with four beautiful kids, Rachel has been out loose on the photography world, wreaking havoc. Ok, not so much havoc. No, more like just making family portraits.

Without further ado, some of the lovely families I’ve been photographing.

The first family actually has a son who is in my two oldest sons’ class at school. I know the challenges of getting a family photo when there is a family member who has autism–which is why I, Rachel, am still working on getting a family photo of my OWN family…it’s like the cobbler with no shoes. So it is my mission to help these families. I have special rates for families with autism and I am aware of the challenges and am very supportive and adaptable during the session. So, if you’re a family blessed to have a family member with autism, call me.

Utah family photographer 13

This was also right before their youngest son had some fairly major surgery. I think having the images was a little bit of comfort and stress-relief. (If there is ANY way to not be stressed under those circumstances.)

Utah family Photographer 3

Here is my sons’ friend. Isn’t he beautiful? Such open, expressive eyes.

Utah Family Photographer 6

Here is the amazing and responsible and sweet oldest brother. Such a good boy.

Utah family photographer 12

And the beautiful and sweet sister. Yep, she’s the princess of the family of so many boys.

Utah family photographer 11

The next family braved some rather threatening skies. It had been storming in Utah all week. (All month? Felt like it!) When we got there, it was not raining, but the clouds were pretty thick in a lot of places. It felt like it could rain. But then, the clouds would shift a little, then shift back. It was a little touch and go, it seemed, but we got the shots and there was no rain. Woo!

Utah family photographer 2

Utah family photographer 1

utah family photographer 9

And this adorable 3-year-old had so much energy. She was such a giggly cutie. She made me work for some shots of her, but it was worth it. And it made me feel young. She was so fast. I should rent her from her parents to lead me in exercises. She would really be great. Loved the chance to photograph her beautiful, sparkling eyes.

utah family photographer 5

Aren’t they an adorable couple? Sigh…I love it.

utah family photographer 16

And we took advantage of the moment of blue sky!! (Look! Blue sky in Utah in MAY! I documented it!)

utah family photographer 13

And the next family is my sister! So, yeah…I kinda gave her a deal. 😉 I just can’t help but smile when I look at the images. My baby sister is just too darn beautiful and she has an awesome family. Just makes my heart happy.

utah family photographer 6


utah family photographer 25

utah family photographer 24

utah family photographer 7

utah family photographer 7

utah family photographer 28

utah family photographer 27

utah family photographer 20

utah family photographer 15

utah family photographer 19

Ok and this last one kills me. He kept saying little prayers, face all scrunched up and arms folded with an AMEN! at the end. Love it.

utah family photographer 32

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Even better than ever

Posted on May 8, 2010

Here’s some of the pictures from the photojournaling, but set to music as a slideshow.

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